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Dynamic Inclination Sensor

product details

1.1 Product Features

9-36VDC Power Input

Wide Temperature Range(-40℃~85℃)

Measurement Range (Roll ±180°, Pitch ±90°, Azimuth ±180° (Power-on default value is 0°))

Resolution (0.01°)

Static Accuracy (±0.05°@25°C)

Dynamic Accuracy (±0.1°@25°C)

Response Time (0.01s)

Zero Offset Instability (8°/h)

Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient (-40 to 85°C ≤100ppm/°C)

Vibration and Impact (10g/ms, 10-1000Hz, 100g@11ms in three axes and the same (semi-sine wave))

Protection Rating (IP67)

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